Customer Testimonials



GoDriving school was a lot of fun. The 55 inch TV was great to watch the new updated AAA movies and the 50 inch TV to see the PowerPoint on. plus I like that you get the driving done in 4 to 5 weeks from start to finish.

Mike P From Buxton Maine.



I took a class in July 2016 and finished in 4 weeks from I learned how to parallel park between two cars on Main street, Saco. Samantha taught me how to stop and start on a hill( Pike street), and to parallel park down a hill on Pike Street. GoDriving School taught me how to back in a parking space at Shaw's. My brother went to another driving school in the area and all they taught him to do was go around driving and pick up other students at home , he only parallel parked 2 times on Middle Street Saco, 

Thanks Michelle for Biddeford high school.


  Hi Ron,


Thank you for letting me sit in on your classes and riding along when my boy friend. I'm so glad I did because you taught me much more then the other Saco driving school did. Things like how to do hill starts, how to parallel park on Pike Street down hill, how to back in to a parking space in Shaw's supermarket. How to actually know when I'm in a cars blind spot. I feel that I learned to drive so much better in the four hours that I spend in the car with you guys.  

Thanks for the pizza and food as well.

Jack C's Girl friend



I just got done my training at Truck School and I passed my CDL Class A Truck license. Now I am able to earn an income to help my family become financially free from bill collectors.





HI Ron,

 As a parent I would highly recommend that parents ride along and participate in as many of the driving hours as you can. When I ride alone with my daughter I was able to witness the different styles that Ron uses to teach his students. He was constantly teaching how to scan with her eyes  and react to different situation.  


Chris Dumais"

Ps. Ron also taught my wife to drive when she was a teenager.  





Hi Ron,
  It was nice to see you back teaching driver education again. My son went to one of the other schools. A lot of the drive time was spent out picking up one student at home in Dayton and  by the time they got back in to town it was time for my son to go pick up the next driver. Then that driver drove my son home what a waste of time. That school only parallel park like four times in all 10 hours, to say I was not happy. So when I found out you was teaching again the made it  easy to choose your school. I went out driving with my daughter and you for more the 5 hours. The parallel parking you teach is so easy, plus the way you teach parking lots is great i'm so glade that I spent all that time with my daughter. Now i feel that our drive time will be so much safer.
Thank you,
Tammi C. 


Dear Ron & Jaimie,


I really enjoyed drivers ed. It was a great experience for me, and I got to meet a lot of new people, including my best friend Sam . Even though we were learning, I had a lot of fun in drivers ed it was the highlight of my day!!!  I did not want the class to end.

Brooke B.

P.S you can put this on the web site and I'm going to tell all my friends to go to   :)



I thought the class was really entertaining and fun as well as educational. I heard that drivers ed was boring, but not at this driving school. My favorite part of the day was being picked up in a van after school with all my friends and going to driver ed.

Bailey C. 2011 BHS Student



I really enjoyed drivers education . The Instructors were a lot of fun in the car as well in the classroom. My Parents and older brothers told me that they hated drivers education, because it was boring. I found that at GoDriving I was laughing and learning at the same time. Why would any one go to another driving school when you can have as much fun as we did.

TA Student 2011


I  just got done taken driver ed I would say that is the best school around. Because my brother took a school that open last year and he still has a hard time off set parking, but now that i showed him how to do the V method that I learned form he can now off set park. Now that we have gone to two different schools I would tell you that GoDriving is the best around.

 Katie G. 20011


I took driver education back in the '90s with Ron at Biddeford High School. The class was offered during my study hall. The class was a lot of fun. Now that my son wants to drive, I know I can trust him to do the job correctly. I have experienced the classroom and driving first hand.

Good luck with GoDriving.Co, Ron!

 Matt R.


I took Driver Education with Ron when he owned Vance's Driving School in Portland. He goes above and beyond the training that the State of Maine requires. In fact, he entered me into a safe driving challenge by Toyota USA, where I won first place and money to go to college. He knows how to make class fun and make sure you are relaxed behind the wheel. He also taught me how to get my motorcycle license as well as my CDL Truck license. 

Good luck with the new school.

Jeff B.


I went to Best-Way Driving School when Ron was the owner. I had never driven before, being a high honor roll student with little common sense. On my first day of driving Ron showed me that he had complete control of the car, even if he was sitting in the passenger seat. From his years of teaching experience, it seemed like he is able to interpret a mistake before the mistake even happens. He knows how to make you relax and he knows just what to say. When I was parallel parking in downtown Biddeford during heavy 5:00 pm traffic, Ron talked me through the steps to make a successful parallel park.

Carrie B. also a Toyota USA. State of Maine Champion. 


I really didn't want to take driver ed , but my parents wanted me to. I was very scared and nervous to get behind the wheel. When I did for the fist time the instructor was very nice and funny which helped me relax. When I did make a error he was able to explain how to do it correctly the next time. I found him to be very patient with me. I would definitely recommend the school to my friends.

Nancy D.