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Did you know that a 16 year old can get a CDL Class B license?



Did you know a 16 year old can take a motorcycle safety class?



Did you know that an 16 year old can get a CDL Class A license?

Frequently Asked Question

What age can my daughter or son begin to take driver education?

 Maine Law requires all students to be 15 years of age on or before the first day of class to be enrolled in any driver education course. Students who have not turned fifteen by the date of the first class must wait until the next available course by state law.


What are the requirements for receiving a permit from GoDriving.co?

 Students must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction, 10 hours of driving instruction, pass a final written exam with an 80% or better, and a parent will need to ride for one hour of driving instruction and sign a form stating that they rode in the car for one hour or more, and the  course must be paid in full with time allowed for any checks/money orders to clear.


What if I want to ride more then once with my teenager during there driving instruction?

 Riding more then once is fine, just let the office know  ahead of time so that we can make sure you have a open seat in the vehicle.


What If I want to attend class can I just show up?  

 Yes as long as we have a seat available you are always welcome to attend the classes. The only restriction would be that we are limited to how may people are allowed in the classroom at any one time. So just call the office to make sure there is a seat available.


What do I need to bring on the first day of class?

 1. A photo copy of the birth certificate for us to keep.

 2. Any payment you are able to make.


What happens if  a student needs to miss a scheduled class?

 The student will need to make up that specific class. For instance, if a student misses Class # 5, they will need to make up Class # 5, and will not be allowed to take their final test until that day. 


After my son or daughter gets a learners permit, what are the restrictions?

 They must drive a minimum 70 hours (10 of those hours at night) for a minimum of 6 months if underage 20, with any licensed driver over 20 years of age, who had their license for at least 2 years.

GoDriving.co provides the students with required driving log. When they have completed the permit requirements, and they are 16 years of age, they can send the driving log to The Bureau of Motor Vehicles to apply for a road test.

During a permit, students may not use a cell phone while driving, however they may have their friends in the car as long as a adult is in the seat next to the permit driver. The permit must be with them when driving!


What should I do if I lose my permit?

 You must go to Motor Vehicles with two legal forms of I.D. proving legal presence (Birth Certificate or Passport) and proving legal residence (Parents' Maine License with correct address) as well as the $2.00 fee to get a duplicate. Unfortunately, GoDriving.co may not issue a duplicate


Does GoDriving.co offer a car for my daughter or son road test?

 Yes you may rent the vehicle for an hour before the road test. We will meet you at the Department of Motor Vehicle where your road test will take place. We will show you around the area and work on straight line parking as well as parallel parking. Call the office for details at (207) 284-6111.  


If my daughter or son wants to learn to drive a standard shift can we get a lesson.

 Yes by being a CDL class A truck driver and a CDL instructor myself, I am more knowledgeable in that area then the average driving instructor. A standard shift is like an automatic if you are able to explain the fundamentals correctly